Monday, 21 January 2013

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Love notifications and Hairstyle ♥

Hello everyone !!! 
Today I got something new to share with you :D 

Do you see my Facebook's notification ? 
It's a heart shape ! 

If you're using Google Chrome to Internet 

Then you just follow these steps :

1 . Click Me ♥
2 . Press Add to Chorme
3 . Refresh your Facebook page again then DONE !

The heart shape notification is so awesome !! ♥ Still waiting for what ? Go change if you're interest !


By the way , I just have a hair cut just now . Hahaha
Actually I just wanna trim my hair but at last also cut it .

I cut my hair from my waist until my chest ! Oh No !
I feel a little bit regret actually , but anyway . Cut :)

Change a new hair look also great . 瀟灑的剪一次 haha!

I think I need more 2 years to let my hair long as before :/
I just wish to dye my hair right now !

How do you think with my new hairstyle ? :)