Saturday, 26 May 2012


*The pic 2 months ago again :*
Phewwwww ~ Now is H.O.L.I.D.A.Y ♥
In Malaysia , after exam will have 1 weeks or 2 weeks holiday .

Every student feel excited when knew that it's holiday . 
But I didn't feel that in this year . Seriously .

Just because of Form3 . My holiday schedule was so full !!  *sigh 
There is no any travel plan for me !

I need to wake up early for school tuition . I need to finish up my kerja kursus
Moreover , my new headmistress plan a activity called "CUTI-CUTI BELAJAR"

That is what means holiday but don't forget to study .
So , she order to all teachers must give us holiday homework .
And we must paste those homework in a book that prepared for "CUTI-CUTI BELAJAR"

When school re-open , we need to pass it up to our class teacher .
By the way , headmistress will check it too ! OhMyGawd .

There are a lot of homework that I need to do ! Who can help me settle those ?

My Sejarah and Geografi folio haven't done yet . Oh Jyeahhhh
My teacher will collect it soon , and I haven't done it . I'm so awesome -,-
I need to rush rush rush !!! God bless me please
Forgive me because of my laziness ://


I need to do something that makes everyone happy . HAPPY HOLIDAY :)